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Social Care and the Internet of Things

Last week I gave a talk to a collection of health professionals and social care providers, to give them some background to the Internet of Things and its possibilities. It was a prelude to group discussions to try to identify some challenges that they face, which the IoT might be able to help address.

There's a follow-up event where we'll be bringing the participants of the first roundtable together with some IoT practitioners, designers and developers, to dig into the challenges and sketch out some possible solutions. Get in touch if you'd like to come along to that.

Here are the slides and notes from my talk - as ever, the notes are what I intended to say rather than a transcription of what eventually came out of my mouth...

Talk at Liverpool Library - Internet Icons

Last week the British Library held an event titled "Internet Icons". In the British Library in London they had some great talks from people who had founded interesting and successful Internet-related businesses.

The talks were streamed online and to a few libraries around the country, including Liverpool. Each of the streaming locations had a talk before the event from a local Internet entrepreneur, and Adrian was asked to speak at Liverpool Central Library.

Here are the slides and notes for his talk.

Smart Cities Reading List

As part of my preparation for my TEDxOldham talk - Internet Thinking for Cities - I ended up collecting together a number of blog posts and articles that helped inform my thinking.

Internet Thinking for Cities

On Friday I spent the day in Oldham. I used to visit the outskirts regularly for karting sessions in an old converted mill, but had never been to the centre. Like many in the North West, it's full of lovely architecture but also a certain faded glamour of times past with lots of scope for ventures new as a result.

I was there to speak at the first TEDxOldham, an interesting event with topics ranging from the graphene research to roller derby. My talk was about smart cities, and I used the opportunity to flesh out some of my thinking on the approach I'd like to see things take. In the process of writing the talk I collected together some links, which I've published separately as a bit of a Smart Cities Reading List.

There'll be video in due course, and in the mean time, read on for my slides and notes. As ever, the notes are my preparatory work for what I planned to say, rather than a definite guide to what came out once I was on stage...

Slides From KidNet: Teaching the Internet of Things to Key Stage 2

On 20th September a collection of people from across Europe converged on the RCA in Battersea for a day of exploring ways that we could introduce the Internet of Things into schools. The event, KidNet, was arranged by Marija Nikolic and Rob van Kranenburg.

Adrian went along to present the work that MCQN Ltd has been doing with Imagication to take the Internet of Things into primary schools. Here are his slides from the talk...

Wuthering Bytes Slides - Risking a Compuserve of Things

The weekend just passed saw the annual gathering of the UK's Open Source Hardware enthusiasts for OSHCamp. Back in Hebden Bridge for a second year, this time it was intertwined with a host of web talks and going under the name Wuthering Bytes.

The extra dimension to the conference was a great addition, and team organising it did a great job.

Adrian had been asked to talk there again, and took the opportunity to look to some of the challenges of making the different Internet of Things networks work together, and to start a discussion about how to work towards that.

The talks were filmed, so hopefully will be available soon. In the meantime, here are so you can compare what I said with the slides and notes from the talk...

BCS HCI Workshop on the Internet of Things

This week has been the 27th International British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Conference with a theme of The Internet of Things. BBC R&D organised a workshop as part of the conference, focusing on Interacting with Digital Media in Connected Environments and invited Adrian along to speak.

It was only a short talk, as most of the day was focused on doing - and we had some interesting discussions and brainstorming around how we can help people design and build connected devices.

Read on for Adrian's slides and notes from the talk...

Generating Events with Arduino

For a while now we've been working with Russell Davies to explore background noise. It's kind of a background project that we're slowly picking away at to see where it takes us. Slow R&D if you like.

Inadvertently Winning

So it seems that Internet veterans Yahoo! are redesigning their logo. That "news" had mostly passed us by here at MCQN Towers, given that we're busy working on the future of the Internet. However, we read Ben Terrett's excellent blog Noisy Decent Graphics and he explains what Yahoo! are up to in his latest blog post.

In it, he says:

Preston Geekup Internet of Things Links

Last Monday evening Patrick Fenner and I headed up to Preston to tell them a bit about the Internet of Things and what we've been doing in that area here at DoES Liverpool.

It was a pretty informal gathering, but full of interested and interesting people. Preston Geekup was a very welcoming event (with much home-made cake being shared!), and I can heartily recommend a visit if you're into techie things and nearby.

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