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#PixelCheer, a Twitter-controlled Festive Gallery

Last Christmas, we gave you a tree,
With coloured LEDs,
You could set with a tweet.

This year, to increase the cheer,
We thought we would go one better...

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Adding SL030 RFID Readers to Node RED on the Raspberry Pi

2014 marks thirty years since the miners strike. To mark the anniversary, St. Helens art service and libraries have commissioned the 30 Years Of.. project from artists collective Re-Dock. In it, they are working with a group of ex-miners to capture their memories and engage with the younger generations, who've grown up in a St. Helens that no longer sends people underground to dig for coal.

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TEDxLiverpool: An Internet of Nice Things

Back in July I had the great pleasure of presenting at TEDxLiverpool. It was an impressive roster of speakers, even if you omit the "TED royalty" of Sir Ken Robinson.

Over on his blog, Stuart Ian Burns has written an comprehensive round-up of the whole event, with videos of the rest of the talks.

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Night Sun

Richard Birkin has just released the online version of Night Sun, a rather beautiful combination of music, words and pictures.

The online version grew out of an installation that was part of Light Night in Nottingham earlier in the year. The installation was an interactive piece, where the music and visuals were triggered by members of the public touching and turning the crank of a toy music box.

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