Bubblino is a Twitter-monitoring, bubble-blowing Arduino-bot.

His main website is over at bubblino.com, but here is a list of all the Bubblino-related content from this site:

Bubblino On TV (and Video)

Just a short post, partly to show that we're still here at MCQN HQ (just phenomenally busy with projects - more on that soon I hope) and to point out a couple of outings that Bubblino has had recently.

Just last Saturday he appeared on Cool Stuff Collective - a childrens TV show on ITV, one of the national stations here in the UK. They had a segment all about Arduino, and he was one of the examples they showed of what you can build with it, although sadly they didn't actually let him show off what he can do.

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Bubblino Gets His Own iPhone App

Ever had the problem that when you were away from your Bubblino you couldn't keep track of your searches on Twitter? Or maybe you're one of the few people who hasn't bought their own Bubblino yet (though heaven knows why not... [We might be a bit biased there - Ed])

Well, thanks to iOS app developer John McKerrell you can now get some virtual bubbles, wherever you can take your iPhone.

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Christmas Collaboration Between Bubblino and 20lb Sounds

We interrupt our normal programming to bring you this festive feature...

Friends of MCQN, 20lb Sounds have just released their new Christmas EP, taking inspiration from everyone's favourite bubble-blowing twitter-bot.

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Bubblino gets his own website

It's taken a while to dot all the "i"s and cross the "t"s, but today we launched the shiny new Bubblino.com website.

Its main purpose is to let the owners of the assorted bubblini in the wild configure what it is that their bubblino is looking for on twitter, but it also shows who is talking about @Bubblino and has a short video of him in action.

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@Bubblino is Not an Impostor

One of the advantages of having your own Bubblino is that you can easily tell when people are talking about it on Twitter. So it's not surprising that I noticed this tweet recently, from @Samotage:

@samotage's tweet

I'm always interested when people are writing about things that I've made, so I eagerly followed the link.

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Video of Bubblino and the Light Load Lamp on the BBC News website

Here's some video footage that the BBC took at the recent Maker Faire. In it you can see me talking about both Bubblino and the Light Load Lamp

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The New, Improved Bubblino

When he made his debut at Barcamp Liverpool, Bubblino was a fairly simple being. He was reliant on a computer to search twitter and work out whether there were any new messages, with the code on Bubblino himself just taking care of turning on and timing the bubble blowing.

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Who or What is Bubblino?

Bubblino is a Twitter-monitoring, bubble-blowing Arduino-bot.

A what?

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